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This site was created as a way to get cheaper Reiki attunements 'out there'. Some attunements I've seen mentioned online were i.e. $195 for just 1 level of Reiki.

I'm on my PC most of the day, so I wanted to offer Reiki help/support/attunements etc for an affordable price, via emails & guides.

Feel free to join my Facebook Group 'Cyber-Reiki'. You'll get free Reiki healings at the weekend etc...

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Reiki30 Biz Ebook - 27 page version:

Guide includes ALL 18 Usui Reiki 'embedded' attunements+/lineages/symbols/info etc...:

Guide also covers LOADS of different aspects of Reiki & other healing methods, that can be incorporated into your healing practices/daily life. My guide covers healing methods/other types of healing/other great Grand Master's & much more.

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